Risks of Hiring that guy on Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist for Junk Removal Services

We have all see ads on Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist or similar advertising venues that read something like guy with a truck saying cheap prices, call me.


Although your gut feeling tells you it isn't a good idea to hire this person, the cheap prices line is inching you towards the phone. Don't do it. Trust your gut feeling to not hire this person. There a few reasons why it is a bad idea.

One risk to consider is the potential for an unlicensed junk hauler to cause property damage of some sort to your home or office. If the person is unlicensed you may incur additional expenses for the damage caused by this person. There is a potential for property theft in which items that were not junk were removed or the untrustworthy person could return to your home or business at some time in the future to remove more desirable items. It is important to know who you are inviting into your home as you are inviting a complete stranger who may have potential to be dangerous to you and your family. Instead, put your mind at ease and call the professionals at Unwanted Clutter Junk Pros. Being a family run local business in Delaware that is licensed and insured, you will never have to worry.

There is also the potential for legal risks with hiring a guy who is not licensed and insured. Any injury or accident that occurs in your home or on your property could result in a lawsuit against you if the person deliberately or accidentally hurt themselves resulting in a legal battle that could empty your bank account. Avoid the risk by choosing Unwanted Clutter Junk Pros who has proper measures in place to ensure the safest, no hassle and worry free junk removal services in Delaware.

It is always better to hire a legitimate and reputable junk removal service like Unwanted Clutter Junk Pros with 16 years providing Delaware junk removal services. UC Junk Pros is known for affordable rates as compared to other college or 800 high prices companies. The risks of hiring an unlicensed junk hauler in a pickup truck outweigh the benefits and could leave you in the junk dog house in terms of time and money.

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